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About Jonas Als

I'm a part time greenwoodworker, father of twins and studying a Bachelor of Natural and Cultural Heritage Management, University of Copenhagen -'Skovskolen'.

Born and raised in 1988 in the ever beautiful and historical Nortern Zealand, Denmark. I used a lot of my time in the woods as a child and have some of my best child memories from the forrest and fields. Memories that founded my passion, joy and interest for working with my hands, with and in the nature, along with interpretation. To work with the abundance of materials from nature itself is incredibly life-affirming.

Scandinavian wooden 'sløjd'

Inspired by our Scandinavian forefathers and there craftsmanship and folk art, I'm making functional and aestethic handcarved wooden spoons, turned plates and bowls, handmade stools and handplaned cuttingboards. 

After a year on a boarding school as a young man where I learned to work with my hands, my love for traditional Scandinavian sløjd increased. From small projects like a single butterknife or saltspoon, I ended up making spoons and plates for Michelin and gourmet restaurants in Denmark and Europe. Besides products I also make spooncarving workshops and lectures home and abroad. 

My intention is to create and spread the word of Sløjd through my products, lectures and workshops. I want to give a deeper understanding and consciousness about what it means to work with your hands without any use of power tools. 


  • Flintknapping and demonstration of Stoneage toolmaking, 'Jagt og Skovbrugsmuseet' v/Morten Kjelmann og Jette Baagøe - 2006
  • Flintknapping at 'Skovensdag', Skov og Naturstyrelsen Jægersborg v/ Jes Aagaard - 2006
  • Board Member, 'Nordsjællands Naturskole' - 2014
  • Boyscout event with v/ Johanne Christiani, Skovskolen, Nødebo - 2017

Woodcraft by Jonas Als (2015)


Selected customers:

  • Gammelmønt, 2016 (KBH, DK)
  • Kadeau, 2016 + 2018 (Michelin *, KBH, DK)
  • A.T., 2017 (Paris, FR)
  • Søren Krogh, 2017 (CPH, DK)
  • Lysverket, 2017 (Bergen, NOR)
  • FRAGMA, 2018 (B)
  • RÅ v/ Jesper Volmer, 2018 (Allinge, DK)



  • 'Carve a spoon live', 'TV2 Fri' with Cecilie Hother, Frihuset - 2014
  • 2 x 'Snittefesten', workshops - Boserup Naturcenter - 2015, 2016
  • Guest teacher, Spooncarving workshops for 'Academy Profession Degree of Outdoor Education in Theory and Practice', University of Copenhagen, 'Skovskolen', Nødebo - 2017
  • Podcast with former Special forces soldier-  Erik B. Jørgensen, 'Kom Ud' - 2017 - https://komud.dk/podcasts-friluftsnoerderi-at-snitte-i-trae-med-jonas-als/
  • Cooperation withTormek AB, Sverige 2017
  • 'Carving event for kids and families' at 'Kulturnatten', Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen, 2017
  • 'Carve a spoon live'. Local Newspaper Gribskov - 2017 - Ugeposten Facebook - Video
    • 'Skedfest', workshops (Attendant) - Nynäs slott, Sweden- 2014
    • 'Weekend varvingcourse: how to carve a spoon' - Nordic Bushcraft v/ Johan Forsberg, Sverige - 2016
    • 'Täljfest', workshops (Participated in the discussion panel), Sätergläntan, Dalarna, Sweden - 2016
    • 'Stockholm Slöjdfestival' - Stockholm Länsmuseum v/ Mattias Brostöm & Andreas Sohlberg, Sweden- 2017
    • 'Swedens Bushcraft Festival', Gottröra Kyrka, Stockhholm Län, Sverige - 2017
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