Morakniv - Carvingknives

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Carving knives from Swedish 'Morakniv'

These are some of the best carving knives you can get, and are always to be find in my workshop!

Sløjd carving knives are in laminated steel, is well in hand and is the right choice if you want a good solid starting point for carving wood.


120 - short blade - 60mm
105 - long blade, thick handle - 82mm
106 - long blade - 82mm

In my opinion, the best carving knives you can get, even if they are mass produced and cheap. Comes with oiled handle in birch and plastic sheath.

Splitting knife:
220 - Original a splitting knife for firewood, but is now used as a great alternative to the drawknife. I use both in my workshop and couldn't live without it. I recommend that it is used on a shavehorse, as it's meant to be used with two hands.


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